Email Marketing.

Email marketing remains the best way to directly tell new customers about your product, and to keep existing customers engaged. And like other types of marketing, there is an art to doing it well!

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Why email marketing is so effective at engaging customers.

It's direct & personal - there's simply no substitute for getting straight into people's inboxes with messages tailored to them.

It's very low cost - often to the point of being free. Of course, you still need to create & send them, but we can do that for you.

It's great for repeat business - it's easier to get customers to purchase the second time around, and email is a great way to re-engage them.

You can't sell anything if you can't tell anything.

Beth Comstock, Vice Chair, General Electric

Things we can do to get you new customers and repeat business with emails.

Health Check

If you're already dabbling in email marketing, we'll take a look at what you're sending out, and key stats, and advise on how to improve.

Account Setup

If you're not yet sending marketing emails, we can get your account and provider set up and take care of all the admin.

Strategy & Goals

It's important to have a strategy in place, to ensure you're working towards clear goals with your email marketing.

Grow Subscriptions

The more email sign-ups you can get, the more sales and leads you'll generate. We're experts in growing marketing lists!

Copywriting & Creative

The more compelling the copy and design of your emails, the higher your open and click through rates will be, leading to more sales.

Increase Leads & Sales

Ultimately, your emails should be resulting in sales and leads, even if indirectly. Applying a strategy here ensures this.

Work Team Meeting

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Easy Ways Small Businesses Can Kick-Start Email Marketing

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