Social Media Marketing.

SO much more than just followers and likes, social media offers heaps of opportunity for virtually all businesses. We'll find the best platforms for your business and help you nail the messaging.

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Why is social media important?

Connect with your customers - viewing social media as a dialogue rather than a monologue creates connections with your customers.

Brand awareness - customers can find out all about who you are and what you do, and it's a great way to acquire new customers too.

It's targeted - rather than trying to appeal to everyone all of the time, being selective means you can market to your audience more effectively.

Social media is more like a telephone than a television.

Amy Jo Martin, Author,

Renegades Write the Rules

Things we can do to get your social channels buzzing with engagement.

Health Check

Our first port of call will be to assess what you're already doing on social media and advise how you can be even more engaging.

Competitor Analysis

Social media platforms are competitive when it comes to getting attention - the more you know about that competition, the better.

Engaged Audience

It's not just about how many likes or followers you have, it's about how engaged your community is - that's the true goal with social!

Copywriting & Creative

Skilful copywriting and eye-catching content is the best way to grab attention with posts on social media - we are experts at this!

Monthly Planning

Planning is SO important when working out your social strategy. Know exactly what you're posting, on what platform and when.  

Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers can be hugely lucrative for your business - we can help match you with the best ones for your brand.

Work Team Meeting

Swot Up.

5 Tips on How to Create Social Media Content that Will Truly Engage Your Audience

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